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At first, I wanted to put this up on the staff forum. Then I kept getting sidetracked, trying to formulate how this could work.

In short, the last contest was a complete bomb. I'm not entirely willing to try one again. Instead, I thought up something entirely new: theme months!

How does it work? Each month, there will be a theme. People can do stuff that goes along with that theme. Whenever someone does a deviation using that theme (be it writing, art, or interpretive dance- we're not picky at all!), and mentions the group in their description,10 points will be donated to the group. At some point, we might have a journal skin contest, so points would go towards making the group more awesome- nothing else!

For example, if I submitted one deviation with this theme to the group, adding in the required link back, we would get ten points. Same thing if anyone else did it. Perhaps there could even be a winner at the end of the month for whosoever got us the most amount of points!

However,  there are a few issues with this:

1. I cannot provide that many points. For those unaware, I'm in the "I need experience to get experience" circle of employment crap.

2. If we had a prize for "most points," someone would have to provide that. Despite considerable enthusiasm for the last contest, nobody stepped forward with prizes.

By the way, one of the two members who submitted stuff for "Delibird's Contest," :iconyama951:, picked the theme. The other person became a co-founder. I didn't quite know what to do with the low amount of participants, but both of those people can ask whatever they want of me as well.

So, what do you all say? Shall we start the April Fools madness? :D
Long story short: Only two people submitted things.

Longer story: I'm a bit at a loss for what to do. Sure, we didn't have super-spectacular prizes lined up, but...only two entries? Sad. :( People loved the premise, so the lack of entries was a real shocker.

So, here's what I've decided on: You have one more week. Link your entry in the comments below, and we'll move it to the folder. If nobody else submits anything, the two people who submitted stuff get swag, no questions asked.

:peace:  Have a nice February! Perhaps we will get to the idea of a theme month next month!
With summer out of the way...onto winter! Let's try a Christmas-themed contest. Yes, the idea's been done to death, but let's shake things up a little. I plan to make this contest unique by, for one thing, giving it a story:


"One Christmas Eve, a Delibird was spotted handing out presents to various houses and people along its way. As the bird romped away, people began opening these presents...and turning into Pokemon?! Professors are baffled by this strange new power found in Delibird, and while they would like to catch this specimen for further study, many of its victims find themselves without opposable thumbs - or able to talk, for that matter. There's no way to determine where this elusive, gift-slinging bird will be off to, next, but whosoever catches it will be in for a real treat...if they don't get turned into a Vulpix first!

Yes, this Pokemon contest involves presents. Surprise, surprise, right? Unfortunately, this is a Pokemon called Delibird that we're talking about, here. That means its presents are RAnd0m! Some hurt, some heal, and, in this case, some TF!

So, how do we simulate the randomness? With a random number generator, of course! Pick a random number from 1 (min) to 718 (max), and that's what Pokemon you get! Use the National Dex numbers, please. Each participant is allowed to click the random number generator 3 times, just to be fair. Whatever number they like best out of those is the TF they have to do for the contest. Simple enough, right?

For those of you who don't get it or just like examples, I'm going to give the random number generator I linked three  spins myself!

1. 265 - Wurmple

2. 643 - Reshiram

3. 231 - Phanpy

Woah...Reshiram happens to be one of my favorites! Looks like it'd be a white Christmas if I decided to do this. ;)

A few things:

~We still need prizes, judges, etc. Obviously, the admins/co-founders would be in on this. Prizes are also a fine way to advertise!

~This obviously uses the honor system; we have no way to tell what numbers you got. That said, this is a contest for creative, open-minded people, and we hope not to see a million Stantler/Sawsbuck TF's.

~Yes, you have to include the Delibird, or at least its mystery bag, somewhere in the pic/story.

~Hacked Pokemon such as Hoopla and the other two of the trio are not allowed. Although these three are pretty much confirmed to exist, we don't know very much about them aside from that, and GameFreak has not legitimately released them. That said, Arceus is still fair game if you land on 493...

~Put stuff in the contest folder. Simple as that.

~You are perfectly welcome to continue the story! If you like a pic or story someone else wrote and want to write the next chapter, feel free. Let's see if anyone can catch this crazy Santa penguin before it uses Present again!

To be fair, the entries are open from now until February 14th, 2014. February will also have a "Theme Month," which will not be a contest, but something else entirely.
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Congrats to our Summer 2013 Contest winners! Here we will show some of their other works for a limited time. Click them. You know you want to. ;)


Eeveelution Posse by Weazel75 Garbodor'd by Weazel75 Six Generations Evolved by Weazel75


My Neighbor Quilladin Flat Color by yama951 The Dragon Cult ReturnsWe are in hiding ever since the advancement of Reason and Logic hundreds of years ago. Let people study their Sciences and play with their Pokemon, but remember this, Magic is still alive and well, and you should be careful who you befriend, for even Magic can be use for madness. – Archmage Vivian of the Fae, the Opening Speech for the School Year
In a dark moonless night, the forest is quiet. The air is still with silence, for not even the nocturnal pokemon dare to make a sound.  They know what’s happening tonight and either hid or fled. Only the sounds of footsteps and cries break the silence.
Hooded figures walk a procession towards the hot springs, while carrying a bound Bagon and a child.
“Let me and my friend go!” The child shouted to act tough as tears fall off his eyes. The hooded figures simply ignored their cries and pleas as they walk pass the hot springs. Their choice is much more sacred.
Entering a cave and walking pass the guardian Drag
Ch. 1 - A New StudentIt is said that in ancient legends around the world, Sinnoh for example, there was a time where there was no distinction between Human and Pokemon. Most people think that it means that there were relationships between a human and a pokemon that went more than just friendship. Some think it went even further.
You see, ever since recorded time, there were stories, myths, legends, rumors, and hoaxes of shapeshifters. One of the tales speaks of a Ditto changing one being into another. In the search of truth, scientists in the Kalos Region discovered a set of genes in the transforming pokemon that stays constant, the recently named Stability Genes, for it keeps the Ditto from dying either through cellular instability or cellular decay. Of course, the tale speaks of the Ditto using its transformative power on another being, not itself. Any truth found therein has been lost to the mists of time.
– Anthropology Professor Archibald Winston, Relationships Between Man and Pokemon Spe


A V.I.L.E. Prank“Ugghh…” Vince said.
“What’s wrong?” Alex said.
“My red vest. It shrank in the wash, and now it’s too small for me to wear!” He replied.
“It did?” Alex said with an interest.
Alex went to look at the vest. Sure enough, it shrunk a size down.
“This was my favorite vest you know. We go TFing people when I wear it.”
“I know a good place that can fix this.” Alex said with a smile.
“Really? Well, if you can fix it, go do it. I want to be a little fashionable at least.” Vince said.
Alex took the shrunken vest and got in the car, and went to a special dry cleaner that specialized in making clothes good as new, with a special twist.
“I really want to prank my friend.” Alex said.
“I know a good special we have today, called the VILE special. We were hoping someone would give it a try. As a gift, we will do the repair on your friend’s vest for free.” Squeak E. Clea
Pokemon Live-Action Fanfic Chapter 1Dear Reader,
Today was going to be a good day, because it happened to be my 12th birthday today. I wondered if maybe today that I would finally be getting my pokedex and starter Pokemon. A pokedex is an encyclopedia about Pokemon and a starter Pokemon is the first Pokemon you receive.
I lived in a town called West Linn, Oregon. It was a nice community to grow up in, as it was a prosperous town for a decade. The prominent feature in the town was the huge hill that looked down over the highway and old West Linn. Old West Linn featured a lot of local restaurants and few fast food places. My favorite was Five Guys, because of its burgers and fries.
West Linn also featured an  abundance of trees, as well as the Willamette River. Nobody dared to wade in it, because of its light brown color. It had acquired this color because the banks of the river eroded constantly. I went to school at Athey Creek Middle School, which was a five minute bus ride from my house.
In the same decade, Pokemon
A Mascot Turnover (Beaver TF)“…And Oregon State knocks off #8 Stanford, 31-28!”
The students rushed over the wall that was behind the Oregon State beach, and onto the field in all black, congratulating the team by creating a mass in the middle of the field in Reser Stadium with the stadium lights on a spooky night in Corvallis.
“Oregon’s next!” shouted one student.
“Yeah!” Yelled a bunch of others.
I was laughing as I was deep in the mass. I couldn’t handle myself I was so excited. I jumped up and down, shouted, even joined in the chant of “Oregon’s Next!”
The University of Oregon Ducks was our biggest rival in the south from the Horrid city of Eugene. They were good, arrogant, and flashy. Their uniforms with the weird feather designs on their shoulder pads, their ridiculous carbon-fiber helmets, and the number of uniform combinations they can show up with to play makes me sick. They come in hoping to have shot after shot every year making th

Wanna be up here? Keep your eyes peeled for contest ops!




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